I remember those silent moments,which are better than any word spoken:
Down my back,I feel the buzzing of honey -thirsty bees,
While wandering for the search of purity..

Behind a thatched hut,a mother feeds her child..
In the smile on her face,I found the purity…
Many like her gave birth to some future warriors,
They were satisfied enough to carry them in their womb..
I carry my cure along with me,
for I know,I have to walk alone!!

It took a long duration,
to conquer my sorrows,
If you wanna be there ,beside me
You’ve to go through the harshes,
which I passed a decade ago!!

Its not so simple to explore my grief,
As I’m in search of Nirvana ,
It takes time to get through in it,
It is indeed a journey towards you..I know!!