Do you know me?

I’m someone of whom you can’t clone,
Never matched with any other’s tune,
I triggered my thoughts of melancholy at my will,
Sacrificed my joyous moments to some unlit lamps,
Where darkness engulps the mass,who need light..
Angry voices also dumb ,entering the there in the mass
The story is not new,
Just changed its plot..
It is neither too old..
You’re projecting so called humans,
Who hid my story ,to handle it on your own..!!
Keeping in your mind,whatever you would show,
I would be the one to bound them to see..
Since six years ,your game I watched alone,
Unable to tell anyone,for I kept it as my own!!
Can you see??
Never the evil stands for so long,
Nor his stories ,as some come oneday as Messiah to wash all odds!!
Here my story,you portryed as per your wish,
It’ll be washed by some brave heart,who darely claim me to be wiyh Him!!