Whom you loved!

Last night, I hold your breath,
As I never thought I could perform the emotion of not let you go!!
Last night, I numbed, got silent
Never before I got so,
Sometimes we need to bleed,
in mind, in soul,to renew ourselves..
We never expected anything from ourselves,
Never did I want to step back,
Locked our hands with a smile,
full of tears in my eyes, I found myself in your deep breath!!

Remember the night when we were nothing but the liabilities of the twilight!!
Remember how making love to the wrong ballad is so very infidelity!!

I never asked you why you’ve coloured your dreams ,based on my surface!!
Go deep,listen to your heart honestly,
There you find me in my warrior existence..
It talks of places in a way of wild,
It nourishes the inch-wide borders of your room with her soundless weeps..
The way I am there,you must know before making love..!!