Our world of rainbow!

Define the colour of my hair!
If you’re worthy enough to love me,
I tried enough to build a bridge, which connects the world’s tinest dew with a maple leaf,
Where I lay myself in the heap of maples.

My hair suited with them as they’re eternal friends!!
How may you distinguish them,separate them from the maples??

They keep a blissful purity to build a bridge of passionate bond ..
All your keen attention you try to get the glimpses of the colours,

Your voice whispered, and I wrap myself with the maple leaves,
There you find a new dusk, that tells you my whole story,
If you accept my Allah,if you see me in namaaz, let you be free to abandon me!!

It is my own world, where I built a dream house,
Accept it or refuse it, the choice is yours!
I sow the seeds of love and empathy with prime care..
You’ve welcome to my little home of love, where I pour the sweetest nectar in a bowl of Love..!!
Here, I enjoy the brews of my coffee, sculptures of Rodin,wrapped in a blanket, beside the fireplace!
Here I think of you, reminds your words you said to me!!
A commitment is needed indeed to mark the words, once told by you …my LOVE!!