Srinagar hunches like a wild cat!

“Srinagar haunches like a wild cat:
lonely sentries,wretched in bunkers at the city’s bridges, far
from their homes in the plains,
licenced to kill…..while the Jhelum flows under them ,sometimes with a dismembered body. On Zero Bridge the jeeps rush by. The candles go out as travelers,unable to light up the velvet Void.
What is the blessed word?
Mandelstam gives no clue. One day Kashmiris will pronounce that word truly for the first time “…

AGHA Shahid Ali…


Hail you ruler!
In my country,in my land,
Alms were distributed to us as beggars received,
Food,clothes,livelihood and the most desired freedom,
You rewarded us with very little
on which we may just survive,
Here mosques full of dust and nobody enters in namaz,
our land was a tulip bed, you deliberately turned into debris!!
The whole planet watching us,
We’re beaten, we’re soaked in blood,
locked up for a decade, in our home, our sufferings are shown to the whole world..
Here morons kept us confined since so many months ,we’re detached from the mass,
Nobody cared,while our brothers and mothers are suffering..!!