Don’t take the soul and the body of a woman to feed your filthy and perverted desires:Don’t ever try!

Raise your voice against the brutality, filthy perverted sexual harassment and marital abuse!

History also cries while creating a new born,

Her earlier emotive breeds got numb,

But the satire is,without intellect how may she breed a brand new ‘Laxmibai’ again?

    Emotion cannot only fulfil her desires to give birth of her soldier ‘Mastani’,and do inscribe the fact in your emotional mind.

Revenge….such a word, just like a rolling stone, should be applied when  a ravening sick nation force to perform its filthy brutal torture over its countrywomen, just only to satisfy its craving,no condemnation, no longer crying or begging for justice, no more waiting and writing more and more to attract the shit rulers and administration for any compensation needed..!

     Remember,Preetilata Wadedar,in her age, if she could perform so deadly aggressive action to save her life from the British rule,if Laxmibai could perform so very tough action alongwith her child to  save her country and herself, why we, as their successors surrender ourselves in the dirty hands of nation’s perverted sexual harassment?

  Think, identify, do counter attack,raise your power against the dirty perverted nation’s sick patriarchy..

  Request to all healthy and strong minded individuals, including men and women…

Cause,some are there, who are always caring womanhood, saluting womanhood…beyond any gender difference.!!



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