Time:the most healing drug!

Beaw Taplin once wrote in”A most unwise thing”…”There may come a time in your life when the Universe will ask you to do fantastically foolish for the person you love. I pray that you rise to this challenge with daring and grace..”
Time…that came to knock her in her cottage door,where she dwells alone with her soliloquy..
Time, that whispered into her ears to aware that it had already arrived when HE reached to her,with his sling bag in his side, with his half beard, covered with dust, the same messy blonde hair…,for whom she waited long.
She recognised herself through his eyes a decade passed,but couldn’t identify herself without him.
To make her recognise in her own conscience, he came back,as he promised…one day, he’ll return to her definitely.
Time waited for him for a couple of years,and meanwhile she didn’t wanna recognise herself without him..The man behind her lifeline, behind her every success,behind her daily lone routine!
Being dare is nothing but a foolish act, when it is done without grace and fulfilment…where souls met not in the Heaven, but in this Universe!
Therefore Universe has the authority to ask you to do fantastically foolish for your love…That’s the true essence,being in Love…
Neither any consent,nor any patriarchy or feminism is needed between…!

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Sonali Chanda : Eminent, young photographer, blogger Sonali Chanda is now launched her first travelogue as a promising author, with her personal experience about her travelling, photography about some unexplored stories about the land of high passes. She traveled different off route places , gathered thrilling experiences which will be shared with her readers gradually one after another in her series of books, She completed her photography course in Panipath after her post graduation in English literature and Phonetics. Originally she is from Kolkata, but for her work schedule, she has to stay outside Kolkata very often. So, honorable readers, do cherish and enjoy her travelogue with her, which she is sharing with all her readers, friends and wellwishers. She witnessed almost several diversities of our Indian Plateau, worked over different subjects in photography.. . Khuri village in Rajasthan, she experienced the tribal locals of typical rajasthani culture, their classical folks, breeding farms of camels, and the most popular forts, that are all our heritage. Like Rajasthan, she covered Mandu, Orchha, Jhansi, and many more places for her photography to explore the rich Indian Heritage. Kashmir, her recent explore, gave her a special experience as she travelled the last Indian Village, Turtuk, where still Balti language exists among the villagers.. Even she is interested in hills and mountainous parts of the Greater Himalayas and The Karakoram ranges, she proved herself a skillful photographer, as well as travel-blogger to share her views and photography.. .

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