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Memories can also be very realistically effective when it wears the ornaments of architectural grandeur.
Yess,I am telling the memorable days of my visit to the grand heritage old city of Shahjahanabad,where the forgotten,neglected golden history of the most famous art, architecture, music, shayris, poets and their traditions speak silently.

“Rakhta tha Dilli iss logo’n ne naam Ishqabad,

Magar afsos ba misle khana wo ho gayi barbad”

Truly it is…what it was written as shayri..


Once,my passion city was built around the outstanding Red Fort(Qila-e-Mubarak),on the bank of Yamuna,where Shahjahan entered in1648 through the river gate and grandly converted the city into a Paradise by building spectacular gardens, buildings, mosques, temples, water bodies, and many other architectural pieces of art.
Thus, Shahjahanabad became the civilizational brain of the Mughals,thethen capital of the Mughal dominion. Thus, its limit was guarded by a rampart of random rubble.
To enter the old palace city of Shahjahanabad, I took a paid auto from the Chandni Chawk to get the glimpses of the most desired,amazing courtlife,rich lifestyle of the Royals.

But, to my surprise, I saw the city, being sandwiched between the clumsy population of the Northern and Southern parts of Delhi,with the river Yamuna to the east.
Very little space of extension of my dream city..remained..
The only lifeline of the overpopulated city was there in the south portion of it.
What I learned about the world famous city of Shahjahanabad,pulled me to visit not only the mere ‘gallis’ or the ‘old structured ‘muhallas’,which are not even reconstructed. .
But I drove there to pleasure my eyes and mind to get the glimpses of Maqbaras, the God of enchanting shayris and dekhtam.. Mirza Asadullah Baig Ghalib and His residence, wonderfully decorated Jharokhas, decorative balconies,Chhatris, marble architectures,which were the iconic style of the Mughals. .
Urdu poet Mir Taki Mir rightly said once-“The streets of Delhi are not mere streets, they are like the album of a painter”
Hopefully, awaiting my next visit to another parallelly passionate desired city….Fatehpur Sikhri. …with a new dimension!

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